Values & environment

What are the things that matter most to us today? What is our first responsibility? To whom? It is nature, our planet. Today more than ever, living a peaceful existence, respecting nature and people, is existential for us, very important. Following the seasons, the slow passing of the days; discovering the area and its small business, artisan businesses; get to know the small communities, the people who are part of them and the social realities; living in harmony with it and the surrounding nature fills our life with serenity and joy.

Our property was not initially designed to have 0 impact on the environment, since it was built in the 80’s, but this did not lead us to move away from our idea of ​​changing some essential things to start a path of awareness and respect towards the environment. “Start with small things,” they said, and we did. We have displayed clear and simple messages for our guests such as’ use the toilet flush sparingly ‘,’ turn off the water when you brush your teeth ‘,’ when you wash your hair (shower) ‘,’ turn on the lights only when it’s dark, switch off if not necessary ‘, precise indications for recycling (containers in all apartments); we also decided to put reusable shopping bags, indications on potable water as well as indications for water dispenser in the village of Pietrafitta (just 3 km), since all kitchens are equipped with glass bottles; we decided for the weekly change of towels; we ask to use the washing machine at 100% capacity or request “wash-sharing“; customers are asked not to throw away food (such as old bread, poor fruit / vegetables) and therefore to ‘recycle’ and share with nature (neighbour’s chicken bread, for friend’s pigs…); we also respect the surrounding nature by keeping the garden lights low.

VALORI - Panorama Umbro

Clear indications for proper waste collection – each apartment is equipped with special containers. Reusable shopping bags are available for guests.

It’s a good habit for us to use lighting only when it is strictly necessary. Around the house and the garden we keep the lights low. We use energy saving bulbs.

Water consumption awareness – indications: potable tap water, water-distributer in Pietrafitta (glass bottles available in the apartment), turn off the tap when brushing teeth / hair (shower).

Eco detergents (vinegar, citric acid, bicarbonate). Weekly change of bed linen and towels. Use of washing machine at 100% capacity or ask for ‘washing machine-sharing’.

We respect the grounds we walk on barefoot, we do not use chemical fertilizers for our plants, olive trees, and we do not use herbicide to eradicate the growth of the grass.

We are surrounded by hills and woods, in direct contact nature…we do not want to disturb the quiet with artificial sounds. Our choice is clear and ‘silent’: fireworks are forbidden!